Monday, 13 September 2010

A closer approach

Time's getting short and summer is almost over now.

There are new aspects in my life these last months before the trip.
Notably, I decided to rent a spare room in the flat where I'm living since February (and that I will quit just before I start travelling), because I thought that that could enrich my life experience; so in short, now I have a flatmate.

This month I signed up for several language certificates examinations, Basque, French and English... just in case, I think they can be valuable when I return (to find a job or whatever, not sure what I am going to do afterwards).

I will start Russian lessons soon, in the beginning of October, and I'm looking forward to it.

In October too, I will travel to Morocco for over 9 days, looking for new adventures closely similar to the ones I will possibly have in Asia. I won't take any plane to go there either, just buses, train and ferry, in the same fashion of the Asian quest.

When I come back from this, greatly refreshed, I will initiate the arrangements for the great trip to Asia. That will inevitably take me to Madrid some days, applying for visas. (Russia first, China second).

I have been lately thinking about getting a health insurance for the trip, but I have no idea of it works, so most probably I will ask in a travel agency (like Blue Planet).
It is very likely that I'll fall sick in one year of travelling so it's a safe bet.
Also, my flatmate reminded me that in many countries tap water is not a very healthy drink.
A friend of mine just came from Hawaii and he suggested me to use some cleaning pills that they used to obtain drinkable water from waterfalls and rivers there.

The political situation in my country is changing very fast recently, so it may be very different when I come back. This reinforces the idea that you never go back to where you started in this kind of travel.

I have almost entirely decided already to take two years of work leave instead of just one, this way I will have time to think things more all over, and search for new perspectives in life after the big trip.

One of the things I have yet to do is to contact both Berria newspaper, in order to offer them my Basque blog about the Asian trip, and Basque radio network, just in case they're interested in knowing about my whereabouts during the trip.

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