Thursday, 1 December 2011

The journey so far (I'm still alive)

I am very aware that I have not been writing here anything at all since April, when I posted about my future plans in China (which of course, they have been modified in the end).

I am not very concerned about it because I doubt that many people that don't know me personally were following me through here, and in any case, all of those people that were really interested in my trip, have been following me on Facebook, where I post regularly on my whereabouts, plans and adventures.

Besides, as I said already long ago here, I have been dedicating more time to write texts about cultural aspects of the countries I visit on a blog that I write for the Basque newspaper Berria.
And I must say that my effort has been recently rewarded by winning a prize of Basque young bloggers (

Nonetheless, I use this opportunity here to say that I am perfectly safe and enjoying my experience in Asia, and I will publish 3 maps with my detailed itinerary so far.

The map above shows the whole itinerary so far, February-December 2011.

The following map below displays only the East Asia part of my trip (March-December 2011).
You can see how I reached my Northeasternmost point (marked by star on the map) in Shiretoko, Hokkaido island (Japan), and I will reach my Southernmost point in Singapore around New Year.

This last maps shows the last (current) leg of my trip, since I arrived to Shanghai by ferry on the 16th of October, from a month long stay of resting in Japan (trying to avoid the monsoon and floods in Southeast Asia), until December 1st, when I have arrived by plane to Myanmar's main city of Yangon (old Rangoon).
My whole trip has been overland so far, and I hadn't taken any flight before this one to Myanmar, but I really wanted to visit Myanmar/Burma now that I am in Southeast Asia, and the only way to enter the country is by air.
I will come back to Bangkok on a plane again on the 12th of December, and continue my overland Eurasian journey unaffected, until I reach back Europe.