Monday, 28 December 2009

Proposed itinerary

Ok, that's roughly the itinerary that I've got in mind.

I have classified the countries that I might like to visit according to priority.

Necessary, unavoidable or the main ones:
Russia, Japan, (South) Korea, China, Myanmar (Burma) and India.

Optional, but likely to visit too:
Mongolia, Thailand, Nepal, Iran, Turkey

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Bhutan

I'd fancy visiting them, but could be done in a different trip:
Polarus, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaiyan, Armenia, Georgia.

And finally I discard these ones:
North Korea, Malasia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq

due to safety reasons for many, and others just because they're out of hand (islands and so).

Kazakhstan... oddly enough, I consider it too vast and uninteresintg to explore (but I may be completely wrong, of course), and out of the proposed route.

Any tips are welcome :)


  1. First of all, congratulations for the trip (and the blog)!!

    I wouldn't leave out the countries that are "bridge" between Europe and Asia (Georgia and Armenia), but that's me. (in fact, after the latest Flashman book I have read, I wouldn't leave Kazakhstan out either, but I understand you can't do everything at a time :D)

    Will keep reading!

  2. Great trip, this one! Asia is amazing. Are you sure that you got enough time to visit all that countries in a year?

    I met you this week at La Taberna de los Mundos, in the event organized by Noraezean. Hope to see you next time again.

    I'll follow you in your blogs.


  3. Welcome Roberto and thanks for your comment!

    I realize it's a pretty ambitious trip, but anyway, nothing is really fixed, so I will be able to improvise on the way, and maybe stay longer than expected, after all.

    I'm willing to take part in the incoming events of Noraezean before I depart in February.

  4. Hey Asier,

    I saw your profile on CS and just dropped by to warn you that the Armenian-Azeri border is closed (as well as the Armenian-Turkish), one cannot cross it by no means. Though it shouldn't prevent you from visiting Armenia, it's a gorgeous countries.