Monday, 28 December 2009

First post: a Dream

So this is the first time posting on this new blog.
Welcome readers, friends and curious alike.

First of all, I should apologise in advance for wrong spellings, poor wording and bad grammar in general, because English is not my mother tongue (I am Basque) and this is my first blog in such language.

I decided to write in English so that the info here contained will reach more people, and because many of my sources will be only available in English.

Anyway, I haven't told yet what this is going to be about, so I'll tell you in one word: Travelling (in upper letters and the wide sense of it).

More specifically, it's about a long time desired dream-trip that will eventually become reality in the near future (Spring 2011).

I remember myself daydreaming about travelling from Europe to Asia and back a few years ago, quite in an utopical way, but I recently gripped firmly the idea again and I began to set everything for this to become possible: one year, one trip, departing from Europe, whole of Asia, no planes, no retourning by the same route.

Having visited by now most of what I have deemed interesting countries and places in Europe, I almost got no option left than heading to the awaited destination: Asia, starting in the Transsiberan railway.

Most of the posts here will cover now all the searching for the needed information and the arrangements before the trip; I think it could be a challenging work and of course, an unvaluable help once I'm on the road.

Let's start the journey! Only one year and a half lies ahead!

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