Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Information needed

While preparing this world trip two challenges must be faced simultaneously:

- Fixing the route and what to see in every country/region
- Searching the info related to visas, dangers, transports and climate/weather

One cannot be dealed with without the other one.
That is, I can't know for sure where I am going to go to from where if I don't know that it is possible to get there from that place (transports exist, frontiers are open, area not dangerous, weather not harsh, etc.)

That said, I will try to gather all those pieces of information about every country on my list so I can figure out how to make it safely and effectively!

I will post the data as soon as I get it (right now I'm worried about all the visas, sinceresly, the very first difficulty to pass over).

If any of you, readers, has got any of this about any country, I'm ready to listen, as well as any suggest.

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