Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Funny how things work.

Today I have probably bought the trekking boots that I'll wear during this mind-blowing trip.

It is a kind of a link of my present with this planned future.

My old trekking boots were bought in June 2007, just before I departed to Iceland, and they've accompanied me not only through those lands of ice, but also to those in Gascony, Graub√ľnden, Bayern, Sardinia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Karelia, Aland, Leon, Zamora, the Pyrenees, Bulgaria, Berlin, Norway and Ireland (not to mention the local mountains here in the Basque Country).
I couldn't find a better companion for my journeys in the wild.

Now, almost three years later, they've got a hole upon the thumb toe of the right foot and they deserve retirement.

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  1. Wow, pretty long (and exciting) life for the old ones. Let's see what awaits the new boots ;)