Friday, 17 December 2010

Step by step... towards departure

This has been a decisive week, in which I am fastly reaching the point of no return before the trip.

Many progresses have been done.

I have applied for the work leave at my company (but I have yet to get an answer), starting in mid-January, when I will leave to England for some days before I start the final arrangements at home.

Besides, I have asked for the Belarussian and Russian visas at a local travel agency (Blue Planet), very expensively for there is no Belarussian embassy in Spain, and most probably I will receive them in the beginning of January.
Then, I will have to buy a new health insurance for the period May-January (9 months) and see what kind of Chinese visa I can get (I will need a multiple-entry tourist visa of 3 months length, if I can obtain it).
I have already decided to get all the other visas on my way, hopping from one border to another.

And, finally, I have bought the ticket of the train trip to Paris (only 19 €), on the 4th of February, definitely the departure day towards my Asian adventure.

On the not so positive side... I have found out that tuberculosis is widespread in Belarus, and I haven't been vaccined against that... I also read that there is no effective vaccine against pulmonary tuberculosis in adults, so I don't know, I will ask.

In fact, next Wednesday I will have to go back to Sanidad Exterior for my second vaccination against the Japanese Encephalitis.

In a few days this blog, that I started with the clear purpose of focusing myself on this trip, will be 1 year old, so happy birthday in advance!


  1. I got my insurance in a webpage called "World Nomads" or something really similar. That was the cheapest one I found.
    Get some pills and things in advance for the diarrhoea and constipation. Specially for China and India... REALLY! I still have some pills and little packages to drink with water left. Bring them with you, or you will miss them later... believe me and/or ask the others!

  2. I am going to get my insurance at the travel agency. It is probable that I will need it in the course of the trip.
    Apparently, the vaccine against Cholera also prevents Traveller's Diarrhea, so hopefully I won't catch it again, as happened in Morocco.