Saturday, 19 June 2010

Travelling Musicians

I talked about Into The Wild before... now I will about what one can say is another of the influences in my wanderlust.

Little known even in the Basque Country, few years ago two Basque musicians who play a wooden percussion instrument called "txalaparta" travelled to some countries in Asia, Europe and Africa (namely, Mongolia, India, Lappland and Sahara) in order to learn about their cultures and their landscapes, and to mingle their musical traditions: Nomadak TX

I consider myself a travelling musician too.
I am very fond of these kind of initiatives that get to the roots of peoples' cultures and find them to share a great deal with other peoples all around the globe.

I have had my own amazing experiences in this field.

In Sardinia I met "launeddas" players, in Bulgaria "gaida" bagpipers and especially while travelling in Greece, I had the luck of spending two intense days with Yannis Pantazis, a versatile musician that played a wide range of instruments, and mainly the Greek "tsambouna", a sort of bagpipe similar to the Basque "alboka" I play.

Next week I depart to Scotland, a relatively short trip that will be my last one in Europe.
I hope I will be able to meet traditional musicians there too, and play together with them.

And of course, next year's travelling in Asia will surely widen my vision in this field too.

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