Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Shards of a life

I've got memories from all the trips I've done... they somehow make sense when put together, just like a parallel life to my boring day-to-day, as if that was the only real life and every day was a stand-by time till the next trip.

Like pieces of a strip, cut and joined together they make a whole story on their own.

I wonder what I will feel when I travel for one year in a row. May I forget my 'other' life?

Sometimes, when I sit in front of the computer in the office, images from a past trip suddenly appear in my mind, a narrow street of Bulgaria, a wild path in Norway, a hidden park in Lithuania...

I talked last week with a CS guest that I hosted, an amazing girl that had been travelling in Latin America for 7 months and she told me that the travelling soon becomes a kind of work routine, and you feel it natural, as if you had been doing it for the whole of your life .

I will soon depart on a new adventure, I embark on my longest trip so far.
Bye till I return from Greece in April!

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