Thursday, 25 February 2010


This week I have hosted a Japanese guy whose name was Keigo.

He wrote me in Couchsurfing in order to ask me for hosting, and I gladly agreed so when I found out that he was doing a World trip for several months.

He had started in Japan (of course), then headed to Korea and China (where he spent many weeks), then went to the South, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia... After lingering several days in some lost islands in the Pacific, he went back to the North, and after Myanmar, Nepal and India.

Up to this his trip is quite similar to mine, but then he took a flight to Kenya, and visited Madagascar (where he considered relaxing for a while, sort of holidays).

He soon ended up in Morocco and then Andalusia in Spain.
Finally he reached Bilbao, where I hosted him.

He was one of a kind of a guest like I had never had, curious about everything and very respectful, one evening he even cooked tasty curry rice.

He left yesterday, and now he plans to go the Mediterranean (Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Italy) and then a bit of Central Europe, and most probably returning to Japan (Saitama).

Now he's kind of a link to my future travel to Japan, within this first stage of my Asian trip, from Bilbao to Tokyo by train and ferry.

I'm pretty sure that I will meet him next year :)

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