Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Timing & Weather

This is what I've got about the provisional dates and locations of the trip:

February 2011
- Poland (Warsaw)
- Belarus (Minsk)
- Russia (Moscow)

March 2011
- Russia (Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Vladivostok)
- Japan (Chubu, Tohoku, Hokkaido)

April 2011
- Japan (Kanto, Kansai, Chugoku, Kyushu)
- Korea (Gyoengsong, Chuncheong, Gangwon, Seoul)

May 2011
- China (Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.)
- Mongolia

June 2011
- China (Xian, Canton, Hong Kong, Yunnan, etc.)
- Thailand

July 2011
- Vietnam
- Laos/Cambodia

August 2011
- Myanmar
- India (East & South)

September 2011
- India (West & North)
- Nepal (Kathmandu)
- China (Tibet, Urumqi, Kashgar)

October 2011
- Kyrgyzstan
- Tajikistan
- Uzbekistan

November 2011
- Iran
- Armenia

December 2011
- Georgia
- Turkey

Finally, I noticed the need for departing earlier than Spring in order to get better weather conditions in other countries.
This way I get to Japan on time for the Hanami (cherry blossom flowering), I avoid typhoons in Southeast Asia and wintery weather in Nepal and Central Asia.

Maybe it's a bit of a fast itinerary (11 months, 20 countries), but it is the only feasible way of doing it within one year:

Poland (3-4 days)
Belarus (3-4 days)
Russia (20 days)
Japan (1 month)
Korea (2 weeks)
China (1 1/2 month - 2 months)
Mongolia (1 - 2 weeks)
Thailand (2 weeks)
Vietnam (1 week)
Laos or Cambodia (2 weeks)
Myanmar (2 weeks)
India (5 weeks)
Nepal (1 week)
Kyrgyzstan (1 week)
Tajikistan (1 week)
Uzbekistan (10 days)
Iran (3 weeks)
Armenia (1 week)
Georgia (1 week)
Turkey (3 weeks)

(Total: about 330 days maximum)

I will write more on this in detail soon.


  1. Korea= south and north Korea? hehehe. Full month in Japan sounds like really great! And the change of "when to go" seems like logical, you dont want to run in the middle of a typhoon :p

    Looking forward to next posts!

  2. Korea means South Korea in this blog :)
    I won't visit North Korea.

    Typhoon season starts in September all through East Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), plus India and somehow China and Japan too.

  3. Yeah well, good luck entering north korea anyways, maybe you get bombed or something :P Anyways have you considered bringing with yourself sheldon's survival kit for typhoons and floods? :p

  4. Asier said "I won't", not "I want" :D

    Though I understand the wish for a long stay in Japan (not shared by me, but of course, I'm not going to do the trip :D), isn't a bit too much 1,5-2 months for China?

  5. 2 months in China seem to be not enough to me :D
    I'm going to cover long distances there, not only visiting places, but crossing the whole country North - South and East - West.

    1 week in smaller countries like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Georgia may suffice, but I consider insufficient 1 week in Vietnam, so I may take more time from China's.

    In Mongolia and Nepal, it depends on what I am going to do there. Obviously it is enough for Nepal since I'm not going to do serious hiking there, but in Mongolia it'll depend whether I get a trip to further places in the country (the steppes, impossible on my own) or not.

    5 weeks in India won't be enough, but I'm not SO interested at first...

  6. Sure but a whole year is amazing:-))))) If I had had the luck to be born in the south of Europe I wouldn't go anywhere:-)))