Monday, 18 January 2010


Some people have asked me about the purpose of the trip.
Some others have questioned the meaning of it, while yet another one has told me "what are you running away from?"

These are nothing but the reflection of other people's fears and doubts about the victory against conventionalisms.
The very mirror of First World societies' advices in favour of immobility and alleged mainstream uniformity.
People dumping their unsecurities from their comfy lives in a falsely safe bubble, apart from "world's" unknown dangers.

The purpose of this trip is nothing but the desire for discovery, for knowledge, of oneself (sure), and of different truths, cultures, peoples, languages and stories.

Asia has always been veiled by mystery and mysticism, by prejudices and ignorance, despite of the so many times said One World culture of our days, the age of global communication and the end of exploration.

It has exerted too a profound attraction over me for as long as I can remember, and convinced that real learning can only take place by living it, for once I will leave aside the books and search it on my own.

This trip departs too from the conviction that one can do what one wants to do only if he's able to overcome his/her surrounding social pressure.

And this is what I want to do, and I'll do it because I can do it.

In summary, this purpose is the purpose of one life.


  1. You seem so self-confident about the travel :)

    BTW You should write an entry about the amount of guides and books you gonna take with you


  2. As I said before... I will indeed leave aside the books... I will be travelling with the mininum baggage.
    I will probably buy the guidebooks while on the trip, and give them away when I quit those countries.

  3. I'm mainstream, I do love having a nice roof over my head (a small place enough for me, my books, my family keepsakes, childhood memories and any other clutter), a job, and will stay happy ever after with a very, very, very homely conventional life...
    But I didn't ask you why? I can see why, I guess. I think I can understand you and the other people bitten by the travel bug, like Darko. You're another kind of beings, and that's so cool. I'm boring, you're not. I'm fearful, quiet, calm homebody, you're not. You will learn from experience, and that's, oh, so great. You long to be, to see the world because it's out there, right there, for you to see it. It's amazing (both the world and your plans to travel in that way...)It's so... if you allow me to use the word, it's so downright romantic.
    Enjoy your travel, make your heart, mind and soul wiser and greater! Go on and enjoy the world. ^^ I hope it's as grand as you expected.

  4. I supposed it was you.
    Thanks for the support, anyway, not that I'm receving lot of it.
    Starting this trip is going to be harder to me than to other people (Darko, for instance), because it seems that I'm somehow not willingly linked to a stronger social pressure (family) than him, and than many others.
    Maybe there could lie the very reason for my desire of doing it.